Pinball Refurbish – Cleopatra part2

The tear down…

Well I got started removing parts from the playfield tonight just thought I would post a few before pictures… the wear really isn’t that bad, its dirty as all get out but the outholes have seen better days and the inserts are cupped to no end.

I cleaned the surface once all the parts were removed with a Magic Eraser and some 90% alcohol, I used very little pressure and just wanted to get the dirt out. It will remove paint if scrubbed too hard.

CIMG1414   CIMG1413   CIMG1415  CIMG1411

CIMG1410   CIMG1409   CIMG1412

CIMG1408   CIMG1407   CIMG1467

CIMG1406   CIMG1469   CIMG1468


From a painting and playfield touch up guide this Jumping Jack restore has to be one of the best I’ve seen, sorry I couldn’t find the owners name, nice work! I’ve been trying to follow it and I think I can solve the cupping problems now that I’ve read his guide.

What would we do without digital cameras… There’s really not much to say to take a lot of pictures so you can put it all back together.


CIMG1464   CIMG1463   CIMG1462

CIMG1457   CIMG1451   CIMG1460  

CIMG1450   CIMG1449   CIMG1448

CIMG1459   CIMG1458   CIMG1461  


Now comes the hard part.. The playfield touch-up…

Pinball Refurbish – Cleopatra part3


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