Planter Wheelbarrow

It was time to remake the old dilapidated wheelbarrow that has served it purpose for a number of years and is falling apart. The design worked so well and lasted longer than I thought so I just remade it but changed how I assembled the parts.

Since I have a CNC I decided to mill the parts out with some accuracy this time. It didn’t take long to draw the parts and off I went to Lowe’s to pick up some Cedar.



WheelBarrow .DXF

I failed to take some pics of the CNC cutting but the pieces came out perfect, well exactly how I had drawn them anyway.I decided to use biscuits for the assembly and broke out my biscuit joiner and started cutting.

IMG_1985 IMG_1984

I assembled the frame first using the deck boards to help with the width.

IMG_1974 IMG_1973

Then started on the deck

IMG_1990 IMG_1989 IMG_1987


All glued up and ready to go..


I then created the sides in a similar fashion.


I re-used the side hardware from the old wheelbarrow, the front hardware is threaded rod bent to shape and the rear hardware is made from aluminum scrap also bent to shape.

IMG_1992.2015-04-13_222309 IMG_1994.2015-04-13_222339

I then attached the front wheel, again with some threaded rod.

IMG_1993.2015-04-13_222315 IMG_1995.2015-04-13_222347

and there we go.. nice little shop project ready for Spring.

IMG_1996.2015-04-13_222400  IMG_2002.2015-04-16_225621  IMG_2003.2015-04-16_225631


It should be in good shape for another 10+ years…


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