CNC – Gantry Sides

Keeping with the machinery updates. I’ve drawn new gantry sides to be milled from .375 6061 aluminum.

Assuming my CAD skills are improving the pinions should fit nicely and I can finally get rid of the MDF sides.

This will also add some more rigidity to the machine.

Looks pretty good…

Look closely and find the mistake..

After milling the sides out and slotting the holes on the left side I didn’t like how they came out, they will function OK but I decided to use a recessed a pan head bolt instead of using an 82degree counter sunk bolt which is similar to the top 4 bolts in this image. This is also after I sanded and polished the sides with some “Mothers” aluminum polish and a buffer.

Fully assembled and back in working order. I still have my Super PID to deal with but for the moment I mounted it and will be very careful around it.

I’m really glad these are finished… been in the works for about 2 years..

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