SSL/TLS Certificate using and QNAP – Updated

Since the last time I created an SSL key for my QNAP changed their website, its actually a little easier to navigate. Here is a quick tutorial… First you need to create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). Start offers a utility for generating one on their site, I used it. Fill in your Domain Name, […]

Pinball Refurbish – Cleopatra part5

The decal paper showed up, Papillio clear and white “Bake on”. Maybe I’ll get to finishing this thing this weekend… probably not since I’ll still have to polish it and need to let the clear dry. I went ahead and leveled 2 of the inserts (see pics). When that clear was dried I sanded them […]

Pinball Refurbish – Cleopatra part4 4

I thought I would include what I’ve been using to do most of my work.. The headgear is a must. I bought a cheap Harbor Freight Airbrush for $20 and the thinner is from Testors.   I finally finished the outhole graphics and should now be ready for water slide decals. I’m not sure if […]

Pinball Refurbish – Cleopatra part3 2

The playfield is ready for some touch up work and I’ve applied some frisket film to the affected areas to be painted. After the frisket is applied, I’ve carefully trimmed the areas that needed to be removed, these pictures reflect the ready to go surface. In this case I will be painting the Lion areas […]

Pinball Refurbish – Cleopatra part2

The tear down… Well I got started removing parts from the playfield tonight just thought I would post a few before pictures… the wear really isn’t that bad, its dirty as all get out but the outholes have seen better days and the inserts are cupped to no end. I cleaned the surface once all […]

Pinball Refurbish – Cleopatra part1 4

I began my Cleopatra restoration a few years ago and logged the progress on the Vintage Arcade Preservation’s Society’s forum better known as KLOV. I wanted to bring it to my blog for posterity. Hopefully someone will get some use from this re-post… I’ve added a few more pictures as well. What possesses people to […]

Treadmill repair – MC60 Controller 3

Just wanted to do a quick post on how i fixed my treadmill motor not for treadmill use but for another project in the future. note: This is for informational purposes only perform at your own risk. The treadmill had seen a number of good years, 15+ so it didn’t owe me anything and I […]

SSL/TLS Certificate using StartSSL and QNAP 1

I’ve never had the need to add an SSL/TLS certification to a website before but I thought I would take a stab at it since my Blog uses an https:// address. I think its inconvenient for visitors to have to accept self signed certificates. The general web page warning looks something similar to the following […]

LCD TV Repair – Samsung LN52A650A1F

I woke the other day to my LCD not turning on and just making a “clicking” sound when trying to power it on. After a quick search on the internet it appears Samsung has confirmed this to be a problem and was willing to do the repairs for free except the offer has expired (posted […]