CNC – Accessories

Just a couple of quick pictures of some clamps I made from some .375 6061 for holding material, wood hold downs just weren’t cutting it. I needed some length in order to avoid hitting my Dust boot as well.

They work great!

I grabbed some scrap .375 I had laying around (from the original Z Axis) and got busy…

They came out nicely.

In the midst of machining my gantry sides I had a need to re-position the sides after removing them from the clamps. This is a bit harder than it sounds, moving material that is “partially” cut is almost always never going to work as the X/Y axis have changed.

In comes the X/Y finder, simply place this on the corner of your part and re-zero the axis and you’re good to go. Well that’s the theory anyway, I have yet to try it…

These were a little tricky to make since I had to flip the part over and mill the bottom. I added a .1875 square to the end of the block that I cut off later to assist with the flip and hold down.

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