CNC – Router Mounts

This is one of those projects that needed to be completed before one of the MDF router mounts broke in the middle of a job, better sooner than later

So, I modified my original MDF mounts in Autocad and redrew them for the CNC to be cut from 6061. I have a Hitachi MV2 router and used the following for the dimensions.

They came out looking pretty good for a beginner..

After a little clean up, looking good. Now to cut the slots for the bolts..

I ran into a bit of an issue when cutting the mounting slots in that I didn’t have a clamp to mount these in for milling purposes so I drew up a mount to be fabricated in MDF. Essentially it’s a box with 2 slots allowing me to stand the mounts vertical for the slot milling procedure, the base has a flange for clamping to the table.

Here’s a look at the top slots of the jig


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