Electronics – 3D Printer Build   Recently updated !

CoreXY Design Axis orientation for those uncertain I purchased this from a user on E-Bay that lost interest… I was able to save some monies because of that. Essentially the printer came in a box of parts with bolts, steppers and 3D printed material. Directions for assembly can be found on the URL from Thingiverse. […]

CNC – Accessories   Recently updated !

Just a couple of quick pictures of some clamps I made from some .375 6061 for holding material, wood hold downs just weren’t cutting it. I needed some length in order to avoid hitting my Dust boot as well. They work great! I grabbed some scrap .375 I had laying around (from the original Z […]

CNC – Gantry Sides   Recently updated !

Keeping with the machinery updates. I’ve drawn new gantry sides to be milled from .375 6061 aluminum. Assuming my CAD skills are improving the pinions should fit nicely and I can finally get rid of the MDF sides. This will also add some more rigidity to the machine. Looks pretty good… Look closely and find […]

CNC – Router Mounts   Recently updated !

This is one of those projects that needed to be completed before one of the MDF router mounts broke in the middle of a job, better sooner than later So, I modified my original MDF mounts in Autocad and redrew them for the CNC to be cut from 6061. I have a Hitachi MV2 router […]

CNC – Z Axis rebuild   Recently updated !

After setting up my CNC and running some tests and jobs I was quickly realizing that I was having problems with my Z axis losing steps. I was working on a carving and noticing the cuts were not consistent, my first clue. The image below was from a sample I ran, as it got further […]

Videos   Recently updated !

3D Sign – Aspire


Knoxville Trophy – Aspire (testing)


Shade Mount for 2014 Edge


Mach3 Tool Changes


Gantry Sides


Touch Off Tool – Edge Finder



Building a CNC Dustboot   Recently updated !

  I did a bit of research before I sat down in front of AutoCad to draw my dust boot and I think it paid off for version 1 and version 2. I made them out of MDF since it was handy and is inexpensive to throw out and start again, the bad thing about […]

Planter Wheelbarrow   Recently updated !

It was time to remake the old dilapidated wheelbarrow that has served it purpose for a number of years and is falling apart. The design worked so well and lasted longer than I thought so I just remade it but changed how I assembled the parts. Since I have a CNC I decided to mill […]

How to build a CNC.. 1   Recently updated !

The build is going to be using 45×90 BOSCH Rexroth, the table size is 48 x 60 and will utilize rack and pinion movement. I plan on using a Hitachi MV2 router as the motor. I’m still a bit undecided about the base but am leaning towards a cabinet with storage and will be elevated […]

How to install OpenVPN on a QNAP   Recently updated !

Install OpenVPN and install the application, selecting all options. Open an Administrator command prompt and go to the directory: “C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\easy-rsa” on a Windows 64 bit box Run batch file init-config.bat. This will copy a single file vars.bat Edit the file vars.bat modifying the following items, specifically Key_Size, Country, Providence, City BEFORE:   AFTER: Then […]